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/*  stat.h is part of Statnet */
/* Statnet is protected under the GNU Public License (GPL2). */
/* Author: Jeroen Baekelandt (jeroenb@igwe.vub.ac.be)       */

   or a release which has a good /usr/include/ncurses/ncurses.h

#define OLDLINUX

#define ETH "eth0"
#define SN_UPDATE_SECS        6     /* Number of seconds between updates. */
                              /* Suggest 4 to 6 seconds minimum, as */
                              /* two seconds is usually too fast to */
                              /* see relationships.  CPU time use is*/
                              /* mostly due to packet processing if */
                              /* update is greater than 3 seconds.  */

#define SN_STATS_SECS         (6*60)      /* Number of seconds between stats updates */

#define SN_NUM_PROTOCOLS      8     /* Number of Ethernet protocols to show */
#define SN_MAX_PROTO_DESC       200 /* Number of Ethernet protocols to know */
#define SN_NUM_IP_TYPES       7     /* Number of IP protocols to show */
#define SN_NUM_TCP_PORTS      9     /* Number of TCP ports to show */
#define SN_NUM_UDP_PORTS      9     /* Number of UDP ports to show */
#define SN_NUM_SAP_TYPES      7     /* Number of IP protocols to show */
#define SN_MAX_IP_PORT        256   /* Number of IP protocols to tally */
#define SN_MAX_TCP_PORTS      1024  /* Number of TCP ports to tally */
#define SN_MAX_UDP_PORTS      1024  /* Number of UDP ports to tally */
#define SN_MAX_SAP            256   /* Number of 802.2 SAP to tally */
#define SN_PORT_TYPE_LEN      20    /* Length of type labels */
#define SN_LIST_SWAP          5     /* Number of packets to require movement higher in list */

#define SN_PROT_IEEE802_3     0     /* Pseudo protocol for IEEE 802.3 */
#define SN_PROT_SLIP          162   /* Pseudo protocol for SLIP */
#define SN_PROT_PPP           163   /* Pseudo protocol for PPP */
#define SN_PROT_LOOP          164   /* Pseudo protocol for Loopback */

#include <sys/types.h>
#ifdef NETINET_SUPP_socket
#include <netinet/socket.h>
#include <linux/socket.h>
#ifdef NETINET_SUPP_in
#include <netinet/in.h>
typedef unsigned short  sa_family_t;

#include <linux/in.h>
#ifdef NETINET_SUPP_ip
#include <netinet/ip.h>
#include <linux/ip.h>
#ifdef NETINET_SUPP_udp
#include <netinet/udp.h>
#ifdef NETINET_SUPP_ip_udp
#include <netinet/ip_udp.h>
#include <linux/udp.h>
#ifdef NETINET_SUPP_tcp
#include <netinet/tcp.h>
#ifdef NETINET_SUPP_ip_tcp
#include <netinet/ip_tcp.h>
#include <linux/tcp.h>
#ifdef NETINET_SUPP_if_ether
#include <netinet/if_ether.h>
#include <linux/if_ether.h>

#include "core.h"
void dispdata(int errnum);
void services();
void usage(char *arg);
void clrportion(int y1, int x1, int y2, int x2);

struct registers{
      int ip_option :1; /* Types window */
      int g :1;   /* General window */
        int prot_option :1;   /* Protocol activity */
      int at_option :1; /* Appletalk activity */
      int tcp_option :1;      /* TCP/IP activity */
      int udp_option :1;      /* UDP activity */
      int sap_option :1;      /* SAP activity */

      /* Ethernet interface */
        int  ethercount;
        long etherbytes;

      /* PLIP interface */
      int  plipcount;
      long plipbytes;

      /* SLIP interface */
      int  slipcount;
      long slipbytes;

      /* PPP interface */
      int  pppcount;
      long pppbytes;

      /* loopback interface */
      int  loopcount;
      long loopbytes;

      int  othercount;
      long otherbytes;

      /* Appletalk types */
      int aarp;
      int rtmprd;
      int nbp;
      int atp;
      int aep;
      int rtmpreq;
      int zip;
      int adsp;

        /* IEEE802.2 protocol */
        int new_ethernet_count;

        /* unknown types */
      int unknown_type;
      int unknown_frame_type;       /* store last unknown frame code */
      int unknown_sap;        /* store last unknown sap codes */

        /* Received error count and last error code */
      int errcount;
      int errcode;                  /* store last error code */

        /* Ethernet protocol types to display */
      int prot_types[SN_NUM_PROTOCOLS];

        /* IP protocol types to display */
      int IP_types[SN_NUM_IP_TYPES];

        /* TCP port numbers to display */
      int tcp_ports[SN_NUM_TCP_PORTS];

        /* UDP port numbers to display */
      int udp_ports[SN_NUM_UDP_PORTS];

        /* SAP protocol types to display */
      int SAP_types[SN_NUM_SAP_TYPES];


#ifdef MAIN_LINE
#define EXTERN_DEF
#define EXTERN_DEF      extern

EXTERN_DEF struct registers   regis;
EXTERN_DEF int                packet_type;
EXTERN_DEF int                frame_protocol;;
EXTERN_DEF int                rewrite_labels;
EXTERN_DEF int                redraw_screen;
EXTERN_DEF int                help_flag;
EXTERN_DEF int                temp_int;
EXTERN_DEF int                stats_countdown;
EXTERN_DEF struct enet_statistics   *last_stats;
EXTERN_DEF struct enet_statistics   *now_stats;
EXTERN_DEF struct enet_statistics   *temp_stats;
EXTERN_DEF struct enet_statistics   stat_buf1;
EXTERN_DEF struct enet_statistics   stat_buf2;
/* Note the +1 added to ints to allow direct reference to constant values   */
/* instead of having to subtract 1 due to array address starting from zero. */
/* Note the +1 added to char strings for the terminating NULL. */
EXTERN_DEF int    protocol_count[SN_NUM_PROTOCOLS+1]; /* Count of frames */
EXTERN_DEF int    protocol_num[SN_MAX_PROTO_DESC+1];  /* Protocol numbers */
EXTERN_DEF int    ip_protocol_count[SN_MAX_IP_PORT+1];
EXTERN_DEF int    tcp_port_count[SN_MAX_TCP_PORTS+1];
EXTERN_DEF int    udp_port_count[SN_MAX_UDP_PORTS+1];
EXTERN_DEF int    sap_count[SN_MAX_SAP+1];
EXTERN_DEF char   ip_protocol_types[SN_MAX_IP_PORT+1][SN_PORT_TYPE_LEN+1];
EXTERN_DEF char   tcp_port_types[SN_MAX_TCP_PORTS+1][SN_PORT_TYPE_LEN+1];
EXTERN_DEF char   udp_port_types[SN_MAX_UDP_PORTS+1][SN_PORT_TYPE_LEN+1];
EXTERN_DEF char   sap_port_types[SN_MAX_SAP+1][SN_PORT_TYPE_LEN+1];
EXTERN_DEF char   protocol_types[SN_MAX_PROTO_DESC+1][SN_PORT_TYPE_LEN+1];
#include "icmpdefs.gen"
EXTERN_DEF char icmp_types[ICMPMAX+2][SN_PORT_TYPE_LEN+1];
/* Default icmp type is at  ICMPMAX+2... */

/*   For UDP and TCP Port Info...  */
struct port_info {
      int port;
      char *name;
      struct port_info *link;

#define TCPHASH 1786
struct port_info *tcp_port_types[TCPHASH];

#define UDPHASH 1786
struct port_info *udp_port_types[UDPHASH];

int hashport( int port, int hash);
void initlist(struct port_info *first[], int hash);
char *searchlist(struct port_info *first[], int port, int hash);
char *servicenm( char *s, int port);

struct hostinfo {
   unsigned char addr[4];
   unsigned char othaddr[4];
   char name[RESOLVE_MAX];
   char ip_pr[15];
   unsigned char mac[6]; /* ETH_ALEN!!!! */
   unsigned char badmac[6]; /* ETH_ALEN!!!! */
   unsigned long badmactime;
   char macempty;
   char *servicename;   /*  replaced with a simple record pointer */
   int port;
   char server[26];
   char lastget[26];
   char ftpserver[26];
   unsigned long pktcntsend;
   unsigned long extpktcntsend;
   unsigned long intpktcntsend;
   unsigned long pktcntrec;
   unsigned long extpktcntrec;
   unsigned long intpktcntrec;
   time_t   tstamp;
   unsigned long sendbytes;
   unsigned long extsendbytes;
   unsigned long intsendbytes; 
   unsigned long recbytes;
   unsigned long extrecbytes;
   unsigned long intrecbytes; 
   unsigned long timebytes;
   unsigned long timelastbytes;
 /*  int disprow; */
   char telnet_in;
   char update;
   char *inpacklog;
   char *outpacklog;
   struct hostinfo *flink;
   struct hostinfo *blink;
   struct hostinfo *tflink;
   struct hostinfo *tblink;
typedef struct hostinfo HOSTINFO;

#define DISP_TX_RC      0
#define DISP_EXTTXRC    1
#define DISP_INTTXRC    2
#define DISP_EXTTXRCP   3
#define DISP_INTTXRCP   4
#define DISP_IPPROTO    5
#define DISP_IPPROTON   6
#define DISP_DEST1      7
#define DISP_DEST2      8
#define DISP_ACCT 9
#define DISP_MAC  10
#define DISP_BADMAC     11
#define DISP_SERVER     12
#define DISP_FTPSERVER  13
#define DISP_LASTGET    14
#define DISP_LASTLIVEINT    16
#define DISP_WATCH      17

#define CURSESBUG 7 

EXTERN_DEF int col1, col2, col3, col4, col5;  /*  General Attributes Variables */

#define TELNET_PORT 23

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